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Leading company in Chain and Accessories
manufacturing, achieving the world's
highest market share!

Focusing on people and nature

We, DaiHan Anchor Chain Mfg. Co., Ltd., sincerely appreciate your all supports that help us to become a leading company in manufacturing chain and accessories in Korea as well as all around the world.

To cope with the rapidly changing market and the diverse needs of customers, we have pursued the following objectives;
  • Management philosophy focusing on people and nature
  • New product development and high-tech automation of facilities
  • Continuous technical development and decisive investment
  • Consolidating a leading company in chain manufacturing through perfect quality control
We do our best efforts to achieve perfect quality in our Offshore Chain & Anchor Chain products and will continue to ensure customer satisfaction through an efficient management strategy.

As well, we will endeavor to create next generation high-strength chains by pursuing R&D partnerships with related university research institutes, private research institutes and public research institutes.

Thank you.